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Va'a is an Exploration game where you control a character on a flying pirogue who have to destroy parasites in order to save a huge Titan...

Move: Left Joystick / WASD
Move Up & Down: R2 & L2 / Space & Alt
Camera: Right Joystick / Mouse
Aim: L1 / Right Click
Shoot: R1 / Left Click
Repair: B / R
Quest Hint: Y / E

Game Designers
Kilian Baptendier
Mathis Bressaud
Maxime Driot
Thibault Dupré
Hugo Leang
Charlie Morel
Thomas Rousseau

3D Artists
Eva-Mây David
Helena Dimario
Aurélie Fiore
Héloise Maire
Charlotte Marty
Romain Rochette
Julien Giffo

3D Animators
Claire Rodet
Marie Vanderkelen

2D Artists
Léa Bigorie
Adrien Cartier
Julie Michel
Mélanie Ret

Massis Markarian
Tom Quelvennec

Voice Actor
Taha Manutahi


Va'a.zip 631 MB

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