A downloadable game for Windows

This is an Overwatch Level Design / Blocking that I created on UnrealEngine4.

Shanghai is an Hybrid map (1 point to capture and a Payload to escort through 2 other part of the map).

Controls :
WASD - Move
Space - Jump (and Double Jump)
Mouse - Rotate Camera

There's no button to quit so you'll have to use Alt + F4 ( I'm sorry  :'( ... )

-There are some light bugs at different places
-Some models doesn't have any colliders

Map Explanations : https://charliemorel.wixsite.com/portfolio/shanghai


Shanghai_Overwatch-Concept-Map.zip 259 MB


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I've never played Overwatch and it looks really cool :)

Wow! Looks awesome. Im a Overwatch Fan and I love it!